• Paul Craver Thank you Gary and Joan for caring about others . Especially the people that might have been written off.
    ...They still have a heart and feelings and there's a reason for them being here this long...Remember we all have a purpose and some do it better than others.
    ............Makes me happy for them.
    Thanks again Gary and Joan....to see people smile and shed a tear is a beautiful thing in its on way...
  • Floyce Harward Someone said, "A picture speaks a thousand words," and this photo of the 104-yr-old birthday lady's face as she watches Gary sing to her "speaks volumes." The spiritual and emotional connection between the two is electrifying; the love, warmth, happiness... 
    peace and understanding they shared at this moment will remain in their hearts forever. What a difference a God-given talent can make when shared willingly to bring joy.

ODMafia Shotz – Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot – Duck’s Beach Club

Duck’s Beach Club – Where the Party People Party

Photos by ODMafia Photographer Dan Summitt

ODMafia Photo – Gary Lowder

Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot brought the heat to Duck’s Beach Club for their first Friday Night appearance.  The grateful crowd danced the night away to the powerful rhythms and vocals stronger than Duck’s house vodka and sweeter than Grandma’s iced tea.  Gary couldn’t be contained to the stage and spent most of the night mingling with the crowd as he sang beach, rock, rhythm & blues, along with a little disco and pop.  Gary Lowder could sing the Horry County Phone Book and make it sound like that magical Carolina Beach music we all love.

Terry Nash has to be one of the most talented keyboard players in the southeast.  JK Loftin is unbelievable on the guitar.  When he really gets into jammin’, it’s as if he is having a conversation with the devil (I mean that as a compliment JK)  It was great to see Curly White on bass.  The crowd loved his rendition of Walkin’ the Dog.

If you missed Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot you can catch them when they return to Duck’s Beach Club March 13th.

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  • Had a fun last night with Rick and Shirley Pollard !,, Was one of those nights..Fat Harold's first stop....If you get a chance to see and listen to" SMOKIN HOT " Go !, We saw them last night at Duck's and they are awesome. Ya'll know I am just not a "band person" but this band is HOT for sure, Gary Lowder has a voice like no other...Let me be clear, I like CWB and a couple of others, I am just a DJ kinda girl 
  • Floyce Harward
    Yesterday near North Myrtle Beach, SC · EditedFloyce Harward
    If you haven't seen chart-topper Gary R Lowder and the group "Smokin' Hot" perform, you're in for a real treat. Gary can sing virtually any tune from any genre and his versatility on the stage is mesmerizing. "Smokin' Hot" is an eclectically... diverse mix ofsome of the best musicians
    In their genre from strings to brass, keys to sticks, Gary has the perfect blend of musicians lo literally rock your socks off !
    Yes each is a master in his own right, but there are no ego on this stage : simply a master blend that equates to some of the best music I’ve ever heard down south in decades. Check out their schedule on Facebook or view www.garylowdermusic.com